Carrie Bickner

Fall 2014 17:610:550 Information Technologies for Libraries and Information Agencies

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Instructor: Carrie Bickner

W1: 9/2-7


Instructor Introduction

My name is Carrie Bickner and I am the instructor for this section of info tech. You can read about me here:

When I started library school, I was sure I would become a curator or bibliographer. I learned, however, that I was good with 0’s and 1’s. I became an accidental technologist. I barley passed high school math, but it turned out I could code. My career has been deeply rewarding, and it will be a pleasure to share some of my experiences with you this semester.

Looking forward to working with you all.


W2: 9/8-14

W3: 9/15-21

W4: 9/22-28

W5: 9/29-10/5

W6: 10/6-12

W7: 10/13-19

W8: 10/20-26

W9: 10/27-11/2

W10: 11/3-9

W11: 11/10-16

W12: 11/17-23

Thanksgiving: 11/24-11/30

W13: 12/1-7

W14: 12/8-14

W15: 12/15-17

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September 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm

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